CSPC Cyclist Services

Our qualified bike fitters are also experienced physiotherapists, which gives them an excellent understanding of how the body moves and the demands on it when cycling.

They regularly treat cyclists at the clinic and we have put together two separate cyclist services to offer both a CSPC Cyclist’s Full Body MOT and the CSPC Bike Fit.

The CSPC Bike Fit is a 2 hour on-the-bike service where the physiotherapist looks at improvements to be made on your bike set up, providing you with pre/post bike fit dimensions. Please read more about the service here.

The CSPC Cyclist’s Full Body MOT is a 90 minute off-the-bike service where the physiotherapist assesses your strength and flexibility and tailors a strength and conditioning programme to your individual needs. Please read more about the service here.


Constantly challenging ourselves to be the best

We are dedicated to continually training, challenging and developing ourselves to ensure we are at the leading edge of our profession. The best practices are constantly evolving and Alison leads the internal training at the clinic, working with the team, in small groups and individually ensuring that all staff provide the same high standards of care. All members of CSPC staff also attend regular external training. Many of these courses are run at the clinic with external educators to further expand our knowledge and experience.

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