CSPC Full Body MOTs

Whether you are a runner, a cyclist, CrossFit athlete or someone who wants to get the best out of their body, CSPC offer a 90-minute Full Body MOT service.

Why have an MOT?

An MOT is aimed at those people wanting to train and get the most out of their bodies. At CSPC, our experience with athletes means that we aim to keep people healthy, so that they can be consistent with their activity, whatever that may be. Incorrect training, poor movement patterns and recurrent or previous injury may leave you open to injuries or not reaching your potential and an MOT aims to help break this cycle.
After taking a detailed history, the extended appointment allows the physiotherapist to fully assess the following as appropriate-
The service also includes a report with a personalised program to address areas of weakness and imbalance and advice on improving technique.

We recognise the challenge of returning to or taking up exercise for the first time, so we have developed a ‘Get Active’ Full Body MOT to help people get back being active, without their body letting them down and preventing them from enjoying exercise.


At CSPC, we believe that exercise should be done healthily and with minimal adverse impact on the body. We believe that it should be enjoyable, putting a spring in your step and helping to improve confidence and self-esteem. We also realise that many people don’t exercise because they don’t know how to start, or are worried about doing themselves damage, or think that as it hurts, it can’t be doing any good.

Our Get Active Full Body MOT is designed with active, soon-to-be active, and recently active people in mind. We assess where you are now and help you work towards an achievable fitness level, whether it is a reduction in pain and improved function so you can run around with the children; improving strength and flexibility, to enable you to become fitter and to stay active healthily; or returning to earlier levels of activity.

Get Active Full Body MOT

During our MOT, the physiotherapist will ask you what your goals are, what any current issues are, and will tailor the assessment to your requirements. We look at movement of the spine, pelvis and other joints in the body. We look at general and specific strength deficiencies and requirements for what you want to do. We will also look at how you move. We then bring this together to produce a plan to help you to get fitter, healthier and stronger. This may include specific strengthening or stretching exercises, exercises to help you move better, or advice on how you can steadily build into the exercise you want to do. This may include advice on seeking further treatment for specific injuries or referral on to other specialists if required.

After your Get Active MOT, your physiotherapist will be able to prescribe a personal exercise plan.

Cost: A 90-minute Get Active MOT including assessment, treatment and a detailed report is £200 with a physiotherapist.

For more information, to check availability and book please call a member of the admin team on 0113 2750606


The physiotherapists at CSPC are experienced in assessing and treating runners on a regular basis, from the elite level to grass roots athletes. We have worked with runners from local running clubs in the area for a number of years, providing physiotherapy and injury prevention advice.

At CSPC we are keen to help runners get the best out of themselves and keep them enjoying their running for many years. This service is suitable for those who recognise that they may not move as efficiently as they could, would like to get rid of a recurrent injury, are getting back to running after injury or surgery, or who feel they have reached a plateau of performance.
By watching you walk and run, and carrying out a number of tests in the clinic, it is usually possible to find some key areas that may need treating or retraining, to improve efficiency or that will help to offload an area that is often injured. It may be as simple as adding some stretching or strengthening exercises into your training or addressing some more technical issues such as your arm swing or posture. This can dramatically reduce the stresses placed on your body and help you move better.
Running is something we are rarely taught how to do, and it is something we do as a child purely for the joy of it. With this service, we aim to help you enjoy your running, reduce your injury risk and get as much out of running as possible. Many of our physios run, whether for fitness or for headspace, so we understand the importance of keeping you running!
It is NEVER too late to begin to address your technique.


What happens after identifying areas of improvement?

You will be taught strengthening or stretching exercises or running drills tailored to your needs, which can start to address areas that will improve your running style.

Below is an example of one of the running drills that may be prescribed by one of our CSPC physiotherapists during your full body MOT with running technique assessment. The drill demonstrated activates the hamstrings and encourages a fast and correct foot strike.

Running Drills

Running drills are one way of changing and fine-tuning running technique, and can also be used for warm up or for rehabilitation after an injury. Running action can be broken down into its component parts and built into “drills”, or exercises which can be used as active warm up exercises designed to help you run more smoothly. This may also prevent loss of form at the end of a race, potentially enhancing your competition performance, even when tired. They also help to prevent deterioration of technique as athletes get older and get injured. At CSPC we also use drills to rehabilitate runners and athletes back from injury, and they can form a session in themselves.

We have seen sprinters and endurance runners alike achieving PBs by adding in drills to their program, or by fine-tuning the drills they are already doing.

Cost: A 90-minute Runner’s Full Body MOT with running technique assessment including assessment, treatment and a detailed report £168 with a physiotherapist and £200 with a director.

Four ‘Running Bugs’ visited the clinic for a Runners Full Body MOT with Running Technique Assessment. Watch how they got on…

For more information, to check availability and book please call a member of the admin team on 0113 2750606


The physiotherapists at CSPC are experienced in assessing and treating CrossFit athletes on a regular basis.

CrossFit is a unique sport in that it uses various movements and exercises which are executed at high intensity and high load. The physiotherapists at CSPC understand the demands that CrossFit WOD’s (Work Out of the Day) and competitions place on the body and are passionate about injury prevention and helping each athlete perform at their best on a daily basis.

During the CrossFit MOT, the physiotherapist will look at your body from head to toe assessing strength, flexibility, stability, proprioception, biomechanics, breathing, functional movement and lifting technique. The physiotherapists recognise that ensuring correct lifting technique during CrossFit workouts from the first rep to the last is essential to prevent injury. Their keen eye can see when your lifting technique or movement pattern is not up to scratch. Poor technique is often a result of reduced flexibility, which prevents the correct movement being performed even when the strength is there. Those are the little things that can cause injuries in the future or maybe holding you back on your PBs.

During the session the physiotherapist will assess the key movements that you are required to perform during CrossFit sessions, focusing on the areas you may be struggling with and analyse your technique, strength and conditioning. Video analysis of your lifting techniques may also be used during the CrossFit Full Body MOT session to ensure nothing is missed and technique can then be reviewed. It may also be helpful to bring some videos of yourself during a WOD when you are working at max effort to show the physiotherapist what happens when you are not so fresh.

Crossfit Full Body MOT
The clinic has an equipped gym including a squat rack with an Olympic bar and weights where the physiotherapist can analyse your movements and, can show you how to improve your body to help better your movements and reduce the risk of injury in the future.

After your CrossFit MOT, your physiotherapist will be able to prescribe a personal exercise plan and advice on how to improve technique.

Cost: A 90-minute CrossFit Full Body MOT including assessment, treatment and a detailed report £168 with a physiotherapist.

For more information, to check availability and book please call a member of the admin team on 0113 2750606


Constantly challenging ourselves to be the best

We are dedicated to continually training, challenging and developing ourselves to ensure we are at the leading edge of our profession. The best practices are constantly evolving and Alison leads the internal training at the clinic, working with the team, in small groups and individually ensuring that all staff provide the same high standards of care. All members of CSPC staff also attend regular external training. Many of these courses are run at the clinic with external educators to further expand our knowledge and experience.

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