Running Drill Sessions

Running Drill Sessions

Running drills are often a key part of a runner’s training week. They are a great way to maintain and improve technique, reduce injury risk and maintain form as we age.

At CSPC Physiotherapy Leeds, we are passionate about injury prevention and enabling sports people of all levels to get the best out of themselves. We also understand how important running is to so many people, and for that reason we like to help you continue to enjoy it for as long as you can.

Running drills are one way of changing and fine-tuning running technique, and can also be used for warm up or for rehabilitation after an injury. Running action can be broken down into its component parts and built into “drills”, or exercises which can be used as active warm up exercises designed to help you run more smoothly. This may also prevent loss of form at the end of a race, potentially enhancing your competition performance, even when tired. Drills can also help to prevent deterioration of technique as athletes get older. At CSPC, we also use drills to rehabilitate runners and athletes back from injury, and they can form a session in themselves.

We can come to your club and go through a series of running drills as a physio-led session. We make the sessions educational so that you come away knowing how to perform the best drills, allowing you to improve your efficiency of movement, and understand why this is important.

We have used this system with many groups of athletes of all ages, and have seen amazing results by making a few simple changes.

Running drill workshops are usually held in groups, with the attendees performing the exercises with correction by the physiotherapist leading the session.

Sessions are between one and two hours. It is also possible to run a question and answer session at the end. 

Benefits of organising a running drill session

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We are dedicated to continually training, challenging and developing ourselves to ensure we are at the leading edge of our profession. The best practices are constantly evolving and Alison leads the internal training at the clinic, working with the team, in small groups and individually ensuring that all staff provide the same high standards of care. All members of CSPC staff also attend regular external training. Many of these courses are run at the clinic with external educators to further expand our knowledge and experience.

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