Cranial Treatment

A number of the physiotherapists at CSPC Leeds have done courses to learn how to treat the head, neck and jaw. These are specialist courses, developed for physiotherapists, which look at these very complex areas and are based on using manual therapy to treat the articular (joints), muscular and neural systems in these areas.
People who may respond to this type of treatment are those who have issues with the jaw, who have had major dental work, braces or teeth pulled out, and those who have chronic neck and back pain, headaches and facial pain. Banging your head, either in a trauma or accidentally, can all upset the delicate balance and alignment of this area, and cause ongoing issues.

Your physiotherapist will be able to determine if this is an appropriate treatment for you after taking a thorough history and doing some tests. If indicated, this treatment can be very effective in reducing pain and improving function throughout the body.


Constantly challenging ourselves to be the best

We are dedicated to continually training, challenging and developing ourselves to ensure we are at the leading edge of our profession. The best practices are constantly evolving and Alison leads the internal training at the clinic, working with the team, in small groups and individually ensuring that all staff provide the same high standards of care. All members of CSPC staff also attend regular external training. Many of these courses are run at the clinic with external educators to further expand our knowledge and experience.

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