Achilles Tendon Pain

Achilles tendon pain

Achilles pain can be very frustrating and is something we see a lot of in clinic. It is pain in the big tendon at the back of the ankle. Symptoms can include pain during activity, when you first get out of bed and after sitting for a while. It is important to get a correct diagnosis and explanation of why you are getting Achilles pain, so that you can rehabilitate it effectively. Your CSPC physiotherapist will assess you thoroughly as sometimes Achilles pain is not as straightforward as it may seem.
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After scanning to confirm diagnosis, a full rupture needs to be managed effectively with surgery or an appropriate boot or plaster cast, along with being non weight bearing on crutches until the tendon knits and heals. After this point, the calf muscle and tendon will need to be slowly lengthened back to normal, along with strengthening and soft tissue work, and gait re-education.
A scan is needed to confirm the size of the tear, to help advise management. A period of offloading, usually in a walking boot is needed, before a progressive rehabilitation plan is followed.
Usually in chronic cases of Achilles pain, this tends to respond well to hands on therapy to the tendon and the tendon sheath, stretching, loading of the tendon to create some mobility in the tissues, foot and ankle mobilisation, biomechanical assessment, and shockwave therapy if appropriate.
This can be due to training loads, footwear, calf and foot strength, and biomechanics amongst other things. A good assessment is important to work out why the tendon is sore. It can also be due to poor use of the feet and calves, which may need to be re-educated.
An inflamed retrocalcaneal bursa may mimic or contribute to Achilles pain. It sits in front of the Achilles, behind the ankle joint and can become inflamed and lose it’s mobility which can affect how you use the foot and ankle and load the tendons. It responds well to hands on physiotherapy.
Plantaris tendon pain can also mimic Achilles pain and is frequently missed. This small tendon runs up the inside of the Achilles tendon and can get inflamed or irritate the Achilles tendon. A correct diagnosis and hands on treatment can often be very effective.

How do we help you get back on the road to recovery?

Here at CSPC we have a wide range of treatment options to help you get rid of Achilles pain. The physiotherapist will take a thorough case history and work out the best plan for you. Treatment can include 

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