What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is one of the allied health professions and is performed by physiotherapists. It focusses on maximising quality of life and maintaining and improving human movement and function to promote physical health, which we recognise is closely linked with mental health. Physiotherapists use their manual examination skills, and training in movement pattern assessment alongside a thorough case history, to diagnose, manage and treat patients to help them maximise their physical potential.

The profession uses science-based evidence to underpin clinical reasoning skills to inform practice and the delivery of treatment. At CSPC Leeds, physiotherapists take a strategic, holistic and individualised approach for each patient, focussing on their needs. Whilst our physiotherapists provide advice and rehabilitation after operations and injury, they also have a passion for treating people who want to stay physically healthy, enabling them to enjoy life to the full, no matter what their age or aspiration.

Physiotherapists are autonomous practitioners, who are able to treat various systems of the body, and the physical issues that can arise due to dysfunction in any of them and how that can affect the rest of the body. In particular, they treat the musculoskeletal system (soft tissues, joints, bones and movement), the neuromuscular system (brain and nervous system) and cardiovascular and respiratory systems. At CSPC, we treat these systems where appropriate with a variety of effective hands-on treatments.

Amongst other things, a CSPC physiotherapist will assess:-


Finding the cause, solving the problem

We are dedicated to seeking out the root cause of your problem and delivering effective individualised treatment plans to get you back to your best.

All our appointments are a minimum of one hour long, this ensures that your physiotherapist is able to:


We strive to get you back to your best as quickly as possible; it is our aim to see you on the road to recovery in 3 appointments.

If you and your physiotherapist are not seeing an improvement, then we will revisit your treatment plan by seeking advice from other members of the CSPC team, referring you to one of our network of experts, or suggesting the inclusion of one of our specialist services, listed below.
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To check availability and book an appointment please call the clinic on 0113 2750606 and speak to a member of our admin team.

Constantly challenging ourselves to be the best

We are dedicated to continually training, challenging and developing ourselves to ensure we are at the leading edge of our profession. The best practices are constantly evolving and Alison leads the internal training at the clinic, working with the team, in small groups and individually ensuring that all staff provide the same high standards of care. All members of CSPC staff also attend regular external training. Many of these courses are run at the clinic with external educators to further expand our knowledge and experience.

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