Taping for Cancer Symptom Relief

Kinesiology Tape for Cancer Symptom Relief

Necessary treatments for people with cancer can result in a number of unpleasant side effects, which can markedly affect quality of life. Kinesiology tape can be used to help reduce the severity of these symptoms and while it may not work for everybody, it can help in a number of cases and provide symptomatic relief.

What can kinesiology tape help with?

Kinesiology tape can be applied over the following areas where appropriate. Your physiotherapist would take a thorough history of your case and work out what may be helpful for you. We can also show a family member or carer how to apply the tape if you find it helps you feel better.
pain relief taping

Kinesiology tape probably works in a number of ways. Some of these ways include the following

  • Skin, epidermis and dermis are neurologically and fascially involved
  • Application of the tape provides proprioception of the target tissues
  • The nervous system can be influenced through the skin, which further influences the target tissues.
  • Effect on fascia and the lymphatic system
  • Support for fluid balance within the tissues
Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that this will work for everyone, but when it does work, it can be a drug free, non-invasive way to provide symptomatic relief.

Study in Jane's name could help thousands of cancer patients lead fuller lives

The Jane Tomlinson Appeal has previously funded a pioneering research study into this new treatment that could improve the lives of thousands of cancer patients.

Funds provided by the Appeal enabled scientists at Leeds Beckett University to examine whether a sports medicine technique could give patients undergoing cancer treatments a life-changing boost.

Clinic director Alison Rose treated Jane in her final few months with kinesiology tape. For Jane, the application of the tape in a specific way helped to lift her rib cage, giving her organs, which had swollen during her cancer treatments, more space to move.

It reduced Jane’s pain levels and relieved pressure on her stomach, restoring her ability to eat and drink. Her family say the treatment improved her quality of life immeasurably.

Now scientists at Leeds Beckett University, funded by the Appeal and with the support of Alison, have done some work into whether this same treatment could help other cancer patients. More research is needed in future to examine this further.

You can read more about the study here and the case study, recently published, detailing the kinesiology taping technique here.

If you would like to book an appointment with a physiotherapist experienced in treating cancer patients with the application of taping, please speak to a member of our admin team.

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