Cyclist’s Full Body MOT

The CSPC Cyclist’s Full Body MOT is an off-bike assessment where we assess the body from head to toe assessing the strength, stability, flexibility, balance, biomechanics, breathing and functional movement required for cycling.

In our experience of working with cyclists – from elite triathletes and semi-pro cyclists to the novice and those completing long distance events – we have found there are many common problem areas, including hot or numb feet and hands, lower back and saddle pain, neck and shoulder discomfort and knee pain.

cyclist full body MOT
Quite often it’s not the bike but the body that needs some attention. You may be feeling pain and discomfort when on the bike due to:

Your physiotherapist will prescribe you with a strength and conditioning (S&C) programme to address any of these problems, to help prevent injury and thereby improve the consistency of your training and comfort and performance on the bike.

When setting your S&C programme, the physiotherapist will also take into account the type of bike you ride and, if you compete, the event you are working towards to help you perform at your best.

Cost: 1.5 hours with a CSPC physiotherapist followed by a detailed report with findings and strength and conditioning programme. £200

For more information, or to check availability and book, please call a member of the admin team on 0113 2750606 


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